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As an Associate College of the National Institute of Teaching (NIoT) we are pleased to be able to offer a range of development courses for teachers and educational staff.

The National Institute of Teaching describe their Associate Colleges as "Our Associate Colleges are successful school trusts, selected because of their wealth of in-house expertise in professional development and their deep relationships in their local areas."

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The National Institute of Teaching is now working with The White Horse Federation to jointly deliver our programmes from September 2023. 

“We are delighted to assume our role as Associate College for the NIoT, delivering programmes across the region to support ongoing teacher development."

“We are keen to ensure that our programme capture, exemplify and share the lived experience of teachers and leaders, and a significant strength of this partnership with the NIoT will be providing the opportunity for participants to build and share knowledge in a way that is respectful to their time, and above all, develops them as teachers and leaders to effectively serve the pupils in their schools.’

“We look forward to working with the NIoT as part of the network of Associate Colleges to ensure teacher development sits at the heart of education in south west region.”

Quote from regional principal of NIOT

“We are alive to the challenges that schools are facing right now, and we’re keen to be able to help through our targeted, flexible programmes. Our programmes offer a high degree of authentic, realistic exemplification from real schools.

“As well as playing a key role in the delivery of our programmes, The White Horse Federation will also contribute to their design, drawing on local expertise and knowledge. This ensures that programmes reflect their local contexts and the needs of the communities they serve. This partnership approach will enable us to extend our reach across the country, delivering targeted professional development where the need is greatest.”

Courses we offer

National Institute of Teaching

Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

Early Career Framework (ECT)

Early Career Framework (ECT)

National Professional Qualification in Leading Teaching

National Professional Qualification in Leading Teaching

The Initial Teacher Training Programme we offer works in line with the National Institute of Teaching's programme, meaning our trainees experience high quality pedagogically based training set in a localised context. The innovative NIoT programme offers different pathways, including fee-paying, salaried, and the Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship, accommodating various learning styles and commitments, fostering a rich and inclusive environment for aspiring teachers. The NIoT’s Initial Teacher Training is a fully immersive school-centred programme – aspiring teachers will be in the classroom from the very start.

Training with us will mean you will have a main and contrasting placement in one of our 31 schools set across Swindon, Wiltshire, Reading and Oxfordshire. You will be in schools from the start of the academic year enabling you to gain significant classroom experience and become fully immersed in school life. Each week you will spend one day in core training which is based in the Swindon area. 

All our courses lead to QTS, a PGCE, and 60 master's level credits. For our PGTA course, the PGCE is optional and subject to an additional fee for candidates.

What you'll learn:

  1. Subject and curriculum knowledge: We'll support you with the fundamentals: why you're teaching an aspect of the curriculum, what's the best way to teach it, and how you can do it most successfully.
  2. Planning for progress: How to plan effective, objective-driven lessons by observing expert colleagues, conceptualising and sequencing pupil progress over time, and creating opportunities for deeper learning and challenge.
  3. Behaviour and relationships: How to nurture a culture of mutual trust and respect. How to create an inclusive and ambitious climate for learning, helping young people to achieve consistently high standards. How to provide a positive, predictable and safe environment for all pupils.
  4. How students learn – inclusive pedagogy: How to ensure all our pupils experience success at the highest level by teaching new content, building on their pre-existing knowledge, using explanations and modelling and diagnosing and implementing strategies for all. How to provide opportunities for practice and retrieval, so as to maximise the chances that pupils will retain new information. How to avoid overloading young people with information.
  5. Assessment and responsive teaching: How to draw on the different forms of assessment, in order to check for learner misconceptions and measure the depth of their understanding. How to use data effectively to support the needs of the pupils in your class.
  6. Professional behaviours: How to step into the role of a teacher. What will your professional obligations be? How can you look after your own wellbeing? How to reflect on your own teaching practice and make use of the support around you. How to use wider networks and communities in order to strengthen your own knowledge.

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There are a range of benefits of training with us including; 39 weeks of professional learning and teaching practice, learning from your core sessions can be applied the next day, supportive mentors and tutors, both Local and national delivery so you benefit from experts in their fields of education, a spiral curriculum to reinforce previous learning, research informed training and curriculum, be part of a large Multi Academy Trust and an opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of children in your local area.

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For our Early Careers Teachers we follow the National Institute of Teaching's ECF delivery model. With this model we benefit from being an Associate College and having access to high quality research based resources and curriculum, but it being delivered by experts at a regional level who have in depth knowledge of our schools and local context. As well as local delivery where our ECTs can network with other ECTs within the trust and build strong working relationships, our model also includes access to National Webinars with leading experts in education.

A Year 1 ECT will receive a 10% reduction in their teaching timetable.
A Year 2 ECT will receiev a 5% reduction in their teaching timetable.

Based on the NIoT framework-

ECTs will learn:
•    How to set high expectations for students
•    How to ensure good progress
•    How to demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge
•    How to plan and teach well-structured lessons
•    How to adapt their teaching to different contexts and for different students
•    How to make accurate and productive use of assessment
•    How to manage behaviour effectively
•    How to fulfil wider professional expectations.
How learning is facilitated:
ECTs will have weekly meetings with a designated mentor. These meetings will involve a cycle of self-study, actions, observations and deliberate practice to set specific action steps, allowing new teachers to build great habits in their teaching. More specifically, ECTs will receive a weekly 15-minute observation, with feedback from their mentor, which will allow ECTs to focus on making small, incremental, manageable improvements to their teaching practice.

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As an Associate College we offer a range of NPQ courses for teachers and staff working in education. Currently we have cohorts undertaking NPQ in Senior Leadership, NPQ in Leading Teaching, NPQ in Leading Behaviour and Culture, NPQ in Leading Primary Math's and NPQ in Early Years.

We deliver the National Institute of Teaching's NPQs which are graded Outstanding by Ofsted (2024), and our course facilitators are all current or recent principals or senior leaders with a wealth of experience and contextual knowledge of local schools and the area. 

In October 2024 we will be offering the NPQ in SEN.

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