Students and teachers at Melksham Oak Community School in Wiltshire, are celebrating after a crowd of year 7 and 8 math's students achieved bronze and silver awards in a national math's challenge.


Teachers at Melksham Oak Community School, part of The White Horse Federation, invited year 7 and 8 pupils to enter the UKMT Junior Math's Challenge. The 60 minutes, 25 multiple choice test was held on April 25th and is designed to encourage mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency to make students think.


Following the challenge, 14 year 7 students and 14 year 8 students received either bronze or silver awards. Bronze, silver and gold certificates are awarded to the top scoring 50% of the entrants across the country, based on their mark in the paper.


Heidi Shore, associate assistant principal at Melksham Oak, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled that so many of our students received bronze and silver in the UKMT Junior Math's Challenge. Not only do these awards represent aptitude in math's, they also demonstrate problem solving ability, reasoning and our young people’s ambition and determination to do well.


“Math's is a core part of the curriculum but we’re always looking for ways to enhance and stretch the teaching of this important subject. It’s great to see our students engaging in additional opportunities like this math's challenge, and developing their skills beyond lessons.”


Theo, a year 7 silver award winning student, said:  “I thought it was quite enjoyable because the problems were fun. My parents were very happy! Next year I want to get a gold!”


Millie, a year 7 bronze award winner added: “I was just very shocked that I managed to get a certificate because the questions were quite challenging and I didn’t feel like I was good enough in the lessons. Now I know I am.”


Amber, a year 8 bronze award winner, said: “It was pretty fun and was a little bit challenging, but I would happily do it again. I thought it was a great test of everything we have learnt. I was happy that I managed to get a bronze.”